Wednesday 21 November 2012

When I graduated in the 70's if someone had told me that I would one day be running my own state of the art BDSM dungeon and be living 24/7 totally immersed in a fetish lifestyle I would have said what’s that?

In those days I had aspirations of organising a commune... what a contradiction!

Not that I was not interested in kinky stuff in those days. I was probably more interested in it in those days than I am now; I am very interested in it now. There was just very limited opportunities to express those types of feelings in Britain back then. How different is the world I live in now!

Well I used to go to Pro Dommes of course. Finding a professional dominatrix in the 70's was such an adventure.... Partly for my enthusiasm for the quest but mainly because of the scarcity of them.

In those days I was an avid collector of domination magazines, for a ridiculous price you could get American magazines like "Bizarre Life" which defined my Utopian existence.

How things have changed! If I had foreseen my future I would have realised I was destined to live in Utopia....

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