Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sixty Years Young, 10 Years Old...

This year, 2014, marks two major mile stones in the history of
London Dungeon Hire

1) The Dungeon Keeper reaches the grand old age of 60 (and he is applying for his travel pass!) 

2) LDH has been running full time for BDSM couples to hire for their private power play for ten years.

The Chamber of Dreams at London Dungeon Hire
Where did the years go? Too quickly perhaps but all were eventful and satisfying for sure. Ten years of constant upgrades, additions and improvements to the services here. All these developments, based on feedback from users, now means LDH has everything you can desire, imagine and more! But that does not stop us adding to The Collection and Equipment and developing The Facilities when ever we can.

LDH was the first dungeon space in London specifically designed for BDSM couples for hourly play and over the last decade it has inspired many other facilities to offer similar services. Some of the those have lasted longer than others. As demonstrated over the last 10 years, LDH will remain and endeavour to be The Best BDSM facility for hire in the UK; A multi-spaced, richly resourced, luxuriously perverse, abundant in atmospheric kinkiness and always striving to improve.

The Reception Chamber at London Dungeon Hire
All adults are welcome at LDH... young, young at heart, veterans, beginners, all power play and gender combinations. We are truly an equal opportunity provider even if our customers do not practice equal opportunities in their power play activities.

Although there are many amazing dungeon stories the DK can tell... some hilarious, some sad and most truly incredible all hirers can rest assured that their anonymity will always be respected and their hires at London Dungeon Hire will always be completely private. The DK has more than a ten year reputation to protect. His experience and understanding arising from a life long enthusiastic interest in BDSM and his ten years of work at LDH will ensure your visit will be truly amazing. The Dungeon Collection and Facilities are without equal, and the understanding acquired of customer needs means all will be thoroughly impressed by their time here.

The Throne Room at London Dungeon Hire
LDH has collected more than 130 Reviews from hirers. All customer feedback regarding value for money over the decade has always assessed LDH as either excellent or good value for money tempting the DK to increase the hire charges but they have remained largely unchanged and are outlined here.

LDH offers playtime hire for solo, couples or groups up to a maximum of 6 people.
Photographic and Filming sessions are also welcome, either as part of play or for artistic or commercial purposes.

We also offer an Extended Tour to those who wish to learn more about a piece of specific equipment, aspect of play or the Dungeon and its facilities in general.

If you have not yet made an outing to LDH you might want to make sure you do before the Dungeon Keeper is "pensioned off". Those who have not been here for awhile will be quite pleasantly surprised by the upgrades that have occurred since there last adventure at LDH.

The Hall Way at London Dungeon Hire
Some have  described the facilities as a Museum of Erotica as there is such an extensive collection of fetish paraphernalia accessible in wall displays, shelves, cupboards and boxes. Many hours can be spent exploring the contents of this treasure trove. This is a "Bizarre Museum" where the visitors can touch as well as use all the exhibits and they are all fully operational and in pristine condition. There is also a considerable library of books and magazines on BDSM available for study on request during a hire.

The DK's view is that LDH is more akin to a Theatre than a Museum. It is fully equipped with all the "props" scenery and resources to explore your personal power play. Sometimes the props do not have to be used to create the effect required but if so desired they can be utilised to increase the drama.

The Throne Room at London Dungeon Hire
However the best aspect of LDH is its atmosphere. The use of all equipment is incidental to satisfaction during a hire here. The most important items in the dungeon are the players, if they enjoy power play with each other they will love being in London Dungeon Hire and satisfaction is guaranteed in all circumstances.

The dungeon is also a perfect place to introduce a partner to the world of BDSM. It is a place that will inspire and encourage those who are completely new to this scene to explore it further. The dungeon is comfortable, warm, inviting, clean and fragrant. It literally is a magical place that any adult will find enchanting, sensual and exciting.

All those that visit us always return sooner or later and many visit repeatedly. Its always a particular delight to see a relationship developing and flourishing over time.

If you are interested in arranging a hire you can see how to do it (and what it will cost) here.

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