Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Discipline of The Dungeon

There are many aspects to my work as the Dungeon Keeper at London Dungeon Hire. One of the most satisfying is being responsible for the upkeep and deployment of The Collection

Spanking tools in the Chamber of Dreams at London Dungeon Hire.
A Massive range of CP equipment is in all included in the Hire at LDH.
The Collection is the dungeons massive array of BDSM furniture, bondage apparatus, punishment equipment, kinky toys and eccentric paraphernalia presented in all the rooms and spaces here. This task is immensely time consuming and repetitive but it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to do it as well as I can.

There is a demanding discipline to the art of Dungeon Keeping that I find very satisfying. To my way of thinking all the equipment in a dungeon should always be primed and ready for action. Rather like the weapons in the barracks of an elite regiment of soldiers, kit should be immaculately maintained, cleaned and squared away in the most effective manner conceivable.

The Throne in the Throne Room
at London Diungeon Hire
The items should be able to cast their spell even without being used… displayed in a attractive manner to their best advantage… the threat of their use is enough, just by itself, to stimulate the correct attitudes in those that behold them.

A place for everything and everything in its place is the creed that is applied to all that reside at London Dungeon Hire.

A fantastic range of hoods in steel, rubber, leather and wood.
All included in a hire at LDH
Where else should one expect a regime of such simple but extreme correctness? If a dungeon can not be disciplined in its execution and organisation then there is little hope for any order in our world.

The Sin Bin at London Dungeon Hire

A dungeon for hire should strive to be a beacon of excellence in the BDSM world. Efficient organisation allows the illumination of fantasy and safe, secure exploration of bondage, punishment and worship in an environment that promotes the power transfer in exactly the way players would wish it.

Under Bed Cell in the Chamber of Dreams. Fully mirrored.
Leather should be soft and well conditioned, rubber well cared for, implements shiny clean and all environs reflecting the care and attention to details that only true obsession can attain. Every aspect of the senses should be able to perceive this excellence. The eyes should observe order and pleasing artistic structure, the ears receive sounds that provoke imagination, the nose detect aromas of delight and reassuring sensuality and the skin the warmth and texture of all the fabrics and materials.

The Stocks, Adjustable in height.
Absolutely escape proof.
I am also a great believer of the 6th sense… it is only in a truly spiritually and physically cleansed environment that higher divine perception can occur. Although not all seek this connection in their play a good dungeon should evoke and enhance connections at every level in physical, emotional and spiritual contexts.

The Reception Room
I also believe a Dungeon should be a comfortable space, warm, well ventilated with places to relax and enjoy feelings in a reflective mode. Whilst every whimsy and fetish is accommodated it’s also vital to provide the basics such as facilities for cleaning, toileting and refreshment and all these should be organised equally perfectly.
The Bondage Cross
London Dungeon Hire is an interactive installation… it will evoke different responses from different personalities, But all should feel safe, secure, comfortable, nurtured as well as stimulated within its disciplined structure.